AP police Recruitment Exam Tips

So you have decided that you need to be an AP police officer, or perhaps you have known it all along but today you have opted to do something about it. Passing the authorities test is among the first steps in the hiring process you have to take to be able to acquire the career of your dreams. Passing the AP police test is not rocket science but more people than you would think fail the first AP police entrance exam. The next article will dispense some authority’s exam strategies for taking the test in addition to some advice for the AP police hiring procedure. Having personally Passed numerous authorities evaluations in the state of California on my first attempt within the past couple of years, I will provide you exam hints and certain study methods in addition to a few informative links I have found very useful in my AP police hiring procedure. This is a fast no BS look at tips which will actually help you realize your law enforcement objectives.

Weeks or even months Before the test do a great deal of reading, it does not really matter what you read but attempt to find something that you truly enjoy reading so the experience does not become dull and un-enjoyable. Be certain you check out any research guides who are made available by the AP police force you are trying to join. Try not to worry too much, stressing out would not assist you in any way. Passing the test will look more feasible once you do not worry and do a little reading. Being prepared can work wonders for your confidence and score.

AP police Officer

Arriving To the evaluation:

Map quest your destination and ensure you arrive early, do not be LATE to your AP police exam! Upon arrival to your regional AP Police Recruitment 2018 Apply Online written test recall to act professional, and look the part also. Do not be a loud mouth, curse or be uncontrollable, there is always some of those people. Come in business or semi business apparel. You have seen people get turned off and or ridiculed by recruiting officers that were present in the exam.

The test itself:

In the entire test which you have taken during my hiring process, reading comprehension in addition to spelling and vocabulary are main areas of the exams. Of all of the AP police tests you have taken in California I have never encounter anything more than a simple math section. Fundamental in the sense that there is not any calculus or trig, do research up on fractions and proportions though.


This was a brief Overview of some authority’s exam tips. Follow some links to get more tips and advice for passing your AP police exam. You will write more posts later on concerning the other steps involved in becoming an AP police officer, the AP police hiring process, in addition to some interesting experiences you have had with many AP police departments. Thank you for reading and check back soon!